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V7 is available from July 17, 2014.

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    • Current Version 7.4.0 (available from March 26, 2019) 
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    • Current Patch level : None 

      Main new features of this release 7.4.0:

      - Support of Windows Server 2016 Platform
      - New Entrust digital certificates valid for year 2019
      - VIPlet modules .jar and .exe signed with new Entrust certificates
      - Support of http proxy in VIPlet connections form desktop shortcuts

      * Read the Technical bulletin of this release

      The certificate used to sign viplet.jar supplied with the version 7.3.0 has expired since January 7, 2019. To update it, please update your VIPlet server with the new release 7.4.0.
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V7 is a major version replacing the previous one V6.

Main new features


  •  VIPlet/MD (Mobile Devices)
    Access to GCOS from a Mobile device

    The first release of VIPlet/MD is for ANDROID devices is available since the end of october 2016

    You would like testing this release, clic


















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