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bullion S server is designed to speed up implementation of Big Data and private Cloud Infrastructures.

Bull bullion S servers for business critical applications are based upon the MESCA architecture (Multiple Environments on a SCalable Architecture).

They leverage the latest generation of Intel EX processors, Intel QPI protocol and Bull BCS technology. They natively embed the VMware ESXi virtualization hypervisor.

Designed to consolidate and virtualize business critical applications, bullion S servers offer high-performance, optimized power consumption, and mainframe class reliability, availability and serviceability.

Each bullion S module provides up to two processor sockets, 3TB memory (48 DIMMs of 64GB) , seven 8x PCI-e slots, and two internal hard disk drives.
Two to eight bullion S modules can be interconnected with the BCS (Bull Coherent Switch) to form a 24U server providing up to 16 processor sockets, 24TB memory, 56 8x PCI-e slots, and 16 internal hard disk drives.


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