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BullSequana Edge : BullSequana Edge Servers

BullSequana S servers : S200, S400, S800

The BullSequana S series global concept enhances Modularity & Flexibility features, within the 2-socket module;
BullSequana S series offers different possible combinations regarding disks and GPUs: 8 disks +2 GPUs / none to 20 internal disks.

bullion S servers :  S2, S4, S8, S16  

Two to eight bullion S modules can be interconnected to form a single 24U computing platform providing
up to 16 processor sockets, 24TB memory, 56 8x PCI-e slots, and 16 internal hard disk drives.


novascale bullion servers :

Up to 32 DIMM

Up to 64 DIMM


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