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Bull's Calypso Software Suite is a unique data management solution made up of modules designed from the ground up on a single source code to work together seamlessly, sharing a single set of enterprise-level services.



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Bull / ATOS has updated its web location for Customer Support to include additional valuable content for you.

Calypso Customer Support Site


Support information

  • Conversion from Bull Calypso to CommVault V11

For Calypso customers, Atos has developed and validated with Commvault the procedure to convert Calypso versions (V9 or V10) installed on customer sites to Commvault branded V11 version.

  • Bull customers with a valid maintenance contract are entitled to upgrade their Calypso configuration from V8 or V9 to V10.

Calypso V10 upgrade process (upgrade from V8 or V9)

Online Documentation version 10.0.0

Online Documentation version 9.0.0

Online Documentation version 8.0.0

Important notes: 
Calypso V10 has been end of commercialization since June 30, 2016. The replacement is Commvault V11.
End of support of Calypso V10 is December 31, 2017.

Calypso V10 SP12 vs Upgrading Calypso v8.0 or v9.0 to V10:
==>Calypso V10 SP12 vs Upgrading Calypso v8.0 or v9.0 to V10

Calypso 10 Virtual Server Agent Advisory (VMware only):
==> FULL backup requirement following the application of Service Pack 9 or Service Pack 8 with Hotfix 71.

Customer Support :
==> Critical Alert
: Daylight Saving Time impact to CommServe and SQL Databases leveraging Log Shipping

Calypso V8 is not supported since November 15th 2013.
Calypso V7 is not supported since September 2011.
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