Systems Director Support


Systems Director is the BULL Version for ISD.



Last delivered releases (June 2013) :

    • Systems Director 6.3.3
    • Storage Control 4.2.4

Please check for available fixes for ISD (recommended to be installed)

Systems Director is an easy-to-use point-and-click platform management tool.


Using Systems Director you can :

    • Automate data center operations by implementing cloud-ready virtual infrastructures
    • Unify the management of physical and virtual resources for BULL servers, storage and networks
    • Simplify the management of optimized systems
    • Achieve a single view of the actual energy usage throughout your data center

Three products are delivered with Systems Director :


Storage Control is delivered as a plug-in option for Systems Director on a different media.

Systems Director is delivered in 3 editions, you can visualize hereafter the different editions features.


At a glance :

Features Express Standard Enterprise
Visualize physical/virtual system relationships x x x
Monitor system health x x x
Provide threshold and error alerts x x x
Update operating systems and firmware x x x
Simplify deployment with virtual images x x
Control energy use within existing capacity x x
Monitor network system health with servers and storage x x
Automate configuration and placement for new workloads x
Manage workload availability end-to-end x
Understand capacity x
Analyze and report historical performance x

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