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Cross-Product Compatibility Information


Note that :

  • There is no link between server firmwares and AIX
  • For new firmware versions HIPER classified, server firmware must be updated as soon as possible, and at least one time per year for all other versions.
  • The minimal HMC version is mentionned in firmware readme.


  • To support both Power5 and Power6 platforms, HMC must be at level V7 R3.1.0 at least.
  • HMC V8R8.1.0 (CR8 Model/Type) + Mandatory PTF MH01421 & Fix MH01436 are mandatory to support Power8 platforms
  • The IBM FLRT Tool provides cross-product compatibility information between AIX, VIOS and Power Servers and fix recommendations.
  • To use this tool, you need to know the IBM system model name of the platform.
    You can get it running the uname -M command.

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