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bullx rack-mounted (bullx R) family support

Two new bullx R server families will complete the existing bullx R42x-E2/F2 based on the Tylersburg platform and equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors serie 5500 codenamed Nehalem-EP or Intel® Xeon® processors series 5600 codenamed Westmere-EP.

The bullx R42x-E3/F3 based on Intel® Romley platform and equipped with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors codenamed Sandy-Bridge.

The bullx R42x-D3 based on AMD® Maranello platform and equipped with AMD® Serie 6000 processors codenamed Interlagos.


  • bullx R42x-D3

The bullx R42x-D3 is under construction


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