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Cool Cabinet Door

The option of water cool rear door is available for the 42U Rack ’n Roll™ 1200.



The Bull Cool Cabinet Door is a water-cooled door that hinges to the back of a standard Bull 42U, 19”-wide air-cooled Bull cabinet, in place of the vented rear door. This active rear door extracts and removes the heat generated within the rack, using chilled water supplied by a central chiller plant. The air leaving the cabinet is at room temperature, which eliminates hot spots.

Cool cabinets can be filled up to their limit, allowing more compute density without upgrading the air-conditioning system:
          Up to 40 KW per cabinet (vs. 15 when air-cooled),
          Up to 42 bullx 1U twin servers, i.e. 84 compute nodes,
          Up to 1008 cores per rack, i.e. ~1200 cores/m². (with 6-core Westmere-EP processors).

The Bull Cool Cabinet Door can be equipped with two types of valves:
          3-way control valve (constant flow in the building infrastructure)
          2-way control valve (variable flow in the building infrastructure)

The choice of a 2-way or 3-way valve type depends of the hydraulic installation of the customer, and does not depend on equipment integrated in the rack.

technical specifications           
Dimensions (Width - Heigth - Depth) 600 mm (19")  -  2020 mm (42 U)  -  232 mm (9.14")


Cooling Capacity

150 kg

40 kW

Power Supply Redundant (optional)
Power Consumption (max) 700 W
Typical input water temperature 7 - 15° C
Typical output water temperature 12 - 20° C
Recommended water flow 2 liter/second ( 7 m3/hour )
Ventilation 14 managed multi-speed fans (n + 1)
Recommended cabinet air inlet 20° C + 2° C
Cabinet air outlet 20° C + 2° C
Management Integrated management board for local regulation and alert reporting to the Bull HPC Software Suite, web interface.



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