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bullx super-node (bullx S) family support

The bullx super-nodes are based on the new Bull server generation codenamed MESCA (Multiple Environments on a SCalable Architecture). These upscale servers are equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors serie 7500 codenamed Nehalem-EX or E7 family codenamed Westmere-EX.


bullx S6130 (MESCA2)


bullx S6030

The bullx S6030 servers (MESCA-4S3U drawer) house four (4) Xeon® processor sockets and are perfectly suited to meet the continuously increasing need for efficient I/O and service nodes used in extreme computing large scale clusters.

bullx S6010

The bullx S6010 servers (MESCA-4SnL drawer) house four (4) Xeon® processor sockets. These L shaped drawers will be mounted top-to-bottom to achieve a rich integration (8 sockets in 3 U) from which ultra-dense extreme computing configurations can be built.

Bull Coherent Switch

The Bull Coherent Switch BCS is the next generation of Bull node controller which allows a S60x0 system to scale up to 16 Xeon® processor sockets by connecting up to 4 drawers together. This processor family is using the converging interconnect QPI standing for Quick Path Interconnect (previously known as CSI for Common System Interface).
A S60x0 system is organized in multiple QPI “drawers” which are linked one to each other through XCSI (or XQPI) fabrics. At each XCSI / QPI frontier, there’s a BCS (Bull Coherent Switch) used to connect both sides.

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