The Bull Coherent Switch

The MESCA-X drawers can be interconnected through the BCS:

Connects up to 4 drawers
VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)
Developped by Bull SAS

  • BCS Chip Characteristics

Technology 90 nm
Chip 19 x 19 mm (9 metal layers)
6 QPI links and 6 XQPI (XCSI) links XQPI
XCSI serial High Speed Interface (8 or 6 GT/s)
Provides to the user the visibility of a single memory
NUMA System (Non Uniform Memory Access)
Aggregate data rate = 230 GB/s
Insure global Memory and Cache Coherency

  • Constituing a large SMP Server

Up to 16 sockets (128 cores – 256 threads)
memory size from 1 TB (using 8GB dimm) to 4 TB

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